19 Jan 2014


It's here.

Ver2.2 Full file download links:
BLES: http://adf.ly/cGd8V
BLAS: http://adf.ly/cVrNH

This is the full option file again. It would be advisable to copy all of this over the top of what you have now as, some errors and corrupt data caused kit PNGs to be moved around. Simply adding the EditData.bin to your existing file, might cause errors in the kits for some teams. ( nothing else should be affected tho, like ML saves etc... )

Added kits for Venezuela and Jordan ( thanks to PESGaming forum member Milanello ) so all NTs have kits now.

J-League kits have been updated to now include 2014 season new releases.

Transfers done for all Championship and Bundesliga teams.
Other Asian teams all have real names now for Sydney FC, Brisbane Roar, Jeju United and Dalian Aerbin

Visit here if you need instructions etc, for installations or other info.
No BLUS version yet. here

31 Dec 2013

J-League Team Data converted to BLJM

WENB JLeague Team Data WE2014

J-League Team Data exports added for Winning Eleven 2014 japanese version only!

Donwload you can find here

24 Dec 2013


Hey guys

Originally this Option file has been split into 7 parts, assuming that it would make it easier for people with a slower connection to break up the amount of bandwidth they'd have to use to get it. 

I'm posting a link to a download, that will allow everyone to get it in a single file.

Re: "2.1"

This refers to a small edit by the WENB forum member Jay_S, who fixed a small issue with classic players being used in Bundesliga teams. This now rectified and classic players are as they were, with the relevant Bundesliga players, base copied and put back into their respective teams. Big thanks to Jay for that.

That is all that is different with 2.1

Also, this is BLES ONLY, for the time being. A BLUS version will be converted soon. Apologies to those waiting on that.

If you already have this option file, from the other day, then please go to either of these links to download Jay's fix.

All you have to do is put this small file onto a USB stick, put said stick into your PS3 and copy that file onto your XMB. It will over-write your editdata.bin and fix the above issue. Do not need to touch anything else.

Note: Whilst copying across from your USB stick to the XMB, the process seems as if it has stalled at 99%. Do not worry, the last 1% seems to take a minute or two. It will be fine :) You'll then have classic players back.

If you don't already have the option file, it is here, WITH Jay's fix :


uploaded.net: http://adf.ly/bCTF8

There is only one link for this time being, but more will be posted up, when we get it onto more hosting sites. Just to make sure no one has to keep waiting for "Free options" and a slow download speed etc...

Merry Christmas, hope you all have a good day !

WENB Option File v2 poster

23 Dec 2013


Currently uploading to Mediafire. BIG THX to NETOVISKI from pesgaming.com for converting our Option File.

Mediafire Links BLUS:
part 1: http://adf.ly/b733Q
part 2: http://adf.ly/b75Hl
part 3: http://adf.ly/b76Vw
part 4: http://adf.ly/b78EE
part 5: http://adf.ly/b7A8D
part 6: http://adf.ly/b7BWN
part 7: http://adf.ly/b72Vg

22 Dec 2013

WENB PS3 OF v2 BLES is online

EDIT (23rd Dec. 2013 )

Hey guys

In terms of questions / findings, please hold fire until after boxing day at least if that's cool ?

Remember, this OF got messed up by the DLC, even tho TheBroad had sorted out all transfers etc...

We know that, player wise, thing's ain't great right this moment, but as soon as the team regroup after xmas, we'll get onto it. Just a single 9(ish)MB file to update from that point on.

Is the case, with everything PES2014....sadly, please hold on a bit longer,sorry !

Have an excellent Christmas, or holidays or whatever is your personal thing this time of the year. 

I'll be back to update you all, soon. 
And thank you for putting up with waiting all this time. We really appreciate that.

the Classic players getting used for Bundesliga, is something i wasn't aware of, until after i had imported the Bundesliga teams and messed that all up :oops: My fault for not paying attention... I'm a kits kinda guy, rather than a players kinda guy, so i apologise for the shoddy workmanship on that front, but the players kinda guys are out of the office at the moment :)

Rest assured, they WILL be corrected as soon as. Apologies, my fault for not paying attention, when importing Paul's teams ! I want the classic players, as they should be, so it is at the top of the fix list :)

For the time being. WENB forum member Jay_S ( thank you good man ), plans to upload a fix to the edit file save, that will correct the issue with Classic players being used in the Bundesliga.

Please go to:  http://winningelevenblog.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=19573&start=520#p389359 to keep up with the release of said file... 

You can save it over the top of the edit file you already have, as he has simply edited our file from the huge file you already installed.

Guyz, the option file is up, broken into 7 parts because it's so huge at the moment  :| 

Do not need any programs to join it back up or anything, just extract all .rar/zip files into the same folder and then put it all on a USB stick.

Link here gentlemen ( file without the Classic Team squad fix, at the moment ) : WENB PS3 OF V2 BLES